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CertainTeed SureStart Plus 3, 4 and 5 Star Warranties

Fact about a certainteed warranty

Warranty Details


Depending on the type of CertainTeed shingles you choose during the planning process, your Integrity Roof System’s shingles will come standard with either one of three available warranty plans. Each plan carries a certain number of “stars” after the name and indicates an ascending level of coverage.

At the SureStart Plus 3 level, the benefits included are listed below:

  • Warranty effective for 20 years
  • Non-prorated coverage for replacement of both materials and labor costs
  • Removal of old shingles before replacement

Next in line is the SureStart Plus 4 warranty plan, which includes the above benefits of level 3, plus:

  • Length of warranty is increased to 50 years for single-family, detached homes
  • The plan now includes the cost of disposing of old materials

The last warranty plan available for select CertainTeed products is the SureStart Plus 5 plan. At this level, all benefits from the previous levels are applicable. In addition, the cost of workmanship is now included in this upgraded warranty.

CertainTeed includes these outstanding warranty plans complimentary with their roofing products because they’re confident their shingles will last for prolonged periods of time and almost any weather conditions.

Our family of professional roofers at Phase One Roofing, Inc. install only top notch materials in the roofing process. When you contact a member of our team for an assessment, we’ll inspect your roof to see if a replacement is needed. If such work is needed, we will find the most appropriate roofing plan for your needs.